Wheat is Australia’s largest crop with 40,000 farms growing wheat in Australia. It can be grown across the Australian grain belt successfully in a wide combination of soils and climatic conditions allowing us to produce world renowned wheat that meets the requirements of export destinations. Australia’s wheat is famous for being the whitest, finest and cleanest wheat in the world.

Australian wheat is shipped to more than 40 countries around the world as our wheat purity, whiteness and low moisture content provides superior quality flour at high extraction rates which in turn provides better business returns.

Commex International Pty Ltd is committed to supporting our customer through price and grade reliability. Wheat is subject to the Grain Trade Australia (GTA) grain receival standards which officially set the wheat grades and quality.

Australia’s quality control system ensures that wheat is tested at every stage of handling from receival into storage to shipping.

  • Types of wheat we produce:

  • Australian Standard White (ASW)

  • Australian Durum (DR subject to availability)

  • Australian Soft Wheat (SFE)

  • Australian Prime Hard (APH)

  • Australian Hard Wheat (H)

  • Australian Premium White (APW)