Commex International enjoys strong relationships with growers, agents and traders in Australia and overseas to source pulses from multiple destinations:

  • Faba Beans and broad beans (Fiesta/Doza/Warda/Farrah): Commex International is a leading marketer and exporter of faba beans from Australia. With unmatched access to faba bean markets, we can market all varieties and grades to provide great value to growers and quality to importers. We are unmatched in our knowledge of what qualities make a faba bean achieve market acceptance and hence have a great reputation for quality.


  • Lupins (Albus/Hamburg): Australian ‘sweet’ Albus Lupins are the perfect match for the Egyptian people’s festivities! Being superior to the Chilean lupin counterpart which requires longer soaking and is bitter, Australian lupins are relatively young in the market and are a testament to the effectiveness of superior breeding and the successful induction of new varieties. This is a volatile commodity which is seasonal, often in short supply and hence needs specialist advice for its purchase and sale.


  • Lentils (Nipper/Flash/Nugget/Northfield/Boomer/Aldinga): Australian lentils are among the best in the world as Australian growers become more proficient and experienced in growing them and finding which varieties best suit the Australian environment. Australia is the third largest producer of lentils and hence a major player in the lentil trade. Despite being a major player, Australian lentils are still being discovered by export markets today and is yet to achieve its potential.
  • Desi Chickpeas (Jimbour/Slasher/Howzat/Tyson): Being one of the largest exporter of Desi Chickpeas, Australia sets the standard for quality.


  • Narrow leaf lupins: High in protein, this feed pulse is an excellent and cheaper alternative to soybean related feeds.

Other pulses:

  • Kabuli Chickpeas

  • Dun peas

  • Blue peas (green peas)

  • Green Mung Beans

  • White Kidney beans

  • Black eyed beans

  • Feed grade pulses